Rescue While You Relax (from Mommy)

On my girls' trip, I got the chance to hear more about something I've wanted to post about for a long time.  My dear friend, Laura, is the director of International Princess Project, an organization that rescues women in forced prostitution.  IPP gives teaches these women a trade (sewing) and provides for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

IPP's Punjammies project is our chance to get involved.  Rescuing the women is just a first step for them, as they often have no place to go and no way, besides prostitution, to provide for themselves and their children.  Take a look at Punjammies, the premium sleepwear these women are creating.  I saw some that Laura brought on our trip, and they are beautiful...and super-cute.  Our purchases of these jammies will provide funds for their living expenses and after-care costs as well as showing the women that they can create something beautiful and valuable.

The Punjammies website comes up at a great time for us with Christmas just around the corner.  Just about everyone knows a woman who would love a gift like this that is comfortable, beautiful, and especially meaningful.  Enjoy!

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