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Those of you who were at Jonathan's first birthday party might remember that our sweet neighbors made Jonathan a special birthday growth chart/stick for his birthday.  We record his height on it each year, and whether we move or not, we will always have his height markings in that special place.  (We'll never have to move away from that special door frame with years of markings on it!)

I was inspired to make one for Andrew, who turned one yesterday.  Here's the whole thing:

And here it is up close.  Thanks to my sister for helping me choose the numbers and stars, and thanks to Jeff for cutting and sanding the board!

If you know my crafty tendencies, you'll know that this is a pretty good sign that I've been feeling better, and I sure have!  I'm feeling pretty good the majority of the time, and I'm very thankful.  We have our 18-week appointment on Monday, so we're praying for a good report on how the baby is doing.  I'm growing, too, sooner than I did with Jonathan:
This month promises to be a busy one for our family, but busy in fun ways.  I hope our posts will be able to keep up!  We're looking forward to a camping trip, a visit from Jeff's uncle Jerry and aunt Linda, a girls' trip for me, a visit from Jeff's parents, a (possible) visit with Jamey and Jack's mom, a hike for Jeff, and a possible Creative Sisters event for me.  We have an ultrasound this month, too.  Although we're not having very cool weather yet, it's starting to feel like fall because of the busy schedule and the festive atmosphere.  We love fall!


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Thanks for the tummy shot! I've been curious, but I keep forgetting to ask.

Love, Karyn

Jennie said...

Amy, you look great!

Wendy said...

You look good Amy, glad to hear things are busy and you are feeling better. :)

Red said...

Whoa check out that bump-a-lump! I'm going to redesign the words to a trace adkins hit and dedicate it to your pregger style...(too bad it's gonna be difficult rhyming honky-tonk with baby-bump...but I'll figure it out). The measuring stick turned out really cute...good job on the lines, I bet that was time-consuming!! Love you and missed u!


Andrea, Scott, and Lincoln said...

Congratulations on your miracle! I've (Andrea) have looked at your blog about everyday for over a year now, I love getting updates! We hope all is well! Jonathan is a cutie!