Guys' Weekend

I have had an amazing few days!

Mommy left on Thursday morning to be with some other ladies, and my beloved babysitter, Samantha, came over to play with me on Thursday and Friday. We did all kinds of fun things including playing at the park and making paper airplanes to fly from the playroom to the downstairs. Samantha wore me out so much that I took a four-hour nap on Thursday.

On Friday, after I had my fun time with Samantha, Daddy and I set out for a Guys' Weekend and a camping trip.  I have been excited about this for a long time!  Unfortunately, we had an early rainstorm in the area (the first in months and months) which made camping difficult.  After a wet night, we had to pack up camp and make other plans.

Just look what we did instead of hiking!

I think I have the best dad ever.  Mommy thinks so, too.  (Not only did Daddy make her trip possible, but he took pictures while she was gone!)  I was so excited to take my first ride on a train.  I even called Mommy to tell her that I was about to take a ride on a passenger train with Daddy.  I was so worn out afterwards that I took a rare snooze in the car.

You might notice that my glasses are missing in all these pictures.  Daddy forgot them all weekend, and I decided not to mention it.  At church on Sunday, though, lots of people asked Daddy about them.  I have a lot of people watching out for me.

This is a picture of our soaking-wet camping stuff drying out after our fun weekend together.  I love to have adventures with Daddy!


Red said...

He looks like such a big kid in that pic holding the tickets! Weird! :) Growing up really fast.

The VM Family said...

Your dad is a good photographer! And we must be really used to you with your glasses because you sure look different without them! :)