It's That Time of Year: from Mommy

It's that time of year again...Jonathan's birthday and Christmas are both coming up, and I'm starting to get kind requests for his wish list.  I'll post it here, but before I do, I should let you know that he's reached a golden age.  He still loves and plays with his gifts from last year!  What a great thing.  Our loved ones have been taking such good care of him!  He doesn't really need anything, but I know that some of you will want ideas anyway, so I've worked on a list.

Feel free to go small and conservative on gifts!  He doesn't yet know that other kids in other families ask for gifts on birthdays and Christmas.  He has been telling me for months that all he wants for his birthday is a pumpkin pie.  "No other treats, 'omly' a pumpkin pie," he says.

So, thank you in advance for all you do for Jonathan.  He appreciates the small things in big ways, and so do we!  Here's the link to his list, and I'll post it in the sidebar soon:

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The VM Family said...

Hi Amy,

Was going to check out your wishlist, but FYI I can't get the link to work. Could just be me and my ancient laptop, though?