Meeting Jayci

Yesterday, Mommy and I went to Jared's house so that we could see how Ms. Amy was doing and meet Jared's new baby sister.  We didn't get a picture because Mommy was holding baby Jayci, but you can see pictures on Ella's blog here.

For the first few minutes of our visit, I played with Jared and his trains, but after that, I realized I was very interested in the baby.  Jared invited me to go outside, and I told him, "No, thank you!"  He didn't understand, but I really wanted to look at Jayci and touch all her tiny parts.  I rubbed her hair and touched her nose and ears and forehead and elbow.  I got to see her hands, which were covered by little mitts, and her feet, which were covered by socks.  I got to touch her parts because I had washed my hands, but Mommy would not let me touch her eyes.  She said it was a special treat to be able to touch a baby.  Jayci was very, very, soft, especially her hair.  She slept through our whole visit.

After we got home, I wanted to go look at the things in the nursery that our baby will wear.  They are things I wore when I was a baby, too.  I don't know all about what it's going to be like to be a big brother, but I got a good idea at Jared's house.  He has a girl baby, but I am convinced that I am going to have a boy baby at our house.  Mommy and Daddy remind me that we will love whatever baby God gives us, and I'm sure that's true, but I still hope it's a boy.

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Jennie said...

Hey, Jonathan. If you get a girl baby, I'll trade ya. I already have a boy baby and mommy says I'm getting another one, but I think one is enough.