Our Etsy Shop! from Mommy

It's here!  Our Etsy shop!  We had planned to launch it a few months ago, but between my mom's broken shoulder and the way I slept through the second half of the summer, we had some delays.  We've posted a few items in our shop and you can see them over to the left.  You can click on an item or on our shop's address, ApronsTotsWhatnots.etsy.com.  If you've never been to Etsy before, I'd encourage you to visit!  It's a fun place to see all things handmade and know that you are supporting an individual or family when you make a purchase.

Right now, everything posted is a creation of my mom's.  We'll work on getting a few more things posted in the next few days, including some Christmasy items.  We had fun making everything...we hope you enjoy what we came up with!


rissaroe said...

Everything looks great! Congrats on getting the Etsy shop up and running!!

Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Your site looks great. I especially love the aprons, what a fantastic idea.
I've slowed down on mine since I've been focusing on Christmas gifts...
Good luck with yours.