Our Christmas Trip

Today I'm going to tell you all about my Christmas trip. There's lots to tell, but Mommy is helping me post all these pictures, and she says she can only do so much. So, I'll just do my best! You can start here, at the top, and then go down. Mommy and Daddy and I flew on some airplanes to see lots of family that loves us. I don't really like flying on planes anymore. But let's not talk about that.

We did lots of things on our trip to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I got more toys for his birthday than I ever imagined. Thanks, everyone, for my great toys! I also got to stay in my jammies a lot and play with boxes. Now that we're back home, it's not going to be quite so exciting because I don't have so many people that I can entertain. But, I got to bring my new toys with me, so I'll still have a good time. What a deal! Here are some pictures of our adventures on our Christmas trip. Have fun looking at them!

This is one of the great boxes I got to play with while I opened my gifts. Do you see that phone down in the corner of the picture? That's the very same phone that Mommy used to call someone named Oklahoma when she was a very little girl. I tried calling him, but I couldn't get him to answer.

What is THIS?

I think this is the best truck I've seen in my whole life! Uncle Todd, you know just how to make a little guy happy.

Here's Mommy on Christmas morning with my aunts, Amanda and Corinne. They're all kind of like sisters now that Uncle Todd married Aunt Corinne.

Here are my great grandma and great grandpa. They are Grandpa's mommy and daddy. Can you imagine what it was like when he was a very little boy and they were chasing him around? I'm trying, but it's hard. I bet they had a great time doing that.

Great Grandpa is watching me eat my zucchini. It's great stuff. He can't believe I like it. Why not?

This is my new trick: eating double-fisted. I do it when I really love what I'm eating, like these aebleskivers. Grandpa made them, and I just LOVE them! They're much better than zucchini. Num, num!

Uncle Todd, I love you, and I want to be just as tall as you, but I am not going to give you "five."

Grandma and I spent a lot of time playing together on this trip. She's a lot of fun!

Here I am showing Grandma how to be a farmer with this new farm that she and Grandpa Don gave me. I like putting the animals through all the doors and windows.

Here is a great box! Mommy's uncle Garth, aunt Kathy, and her cousins, Neil, Jordan, and Sarah, got it just for me. Oh, and I love the monkey inside, too. He talks to me and is good for hugging.

Here are Mommy, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Amanda. Even though they are brother and sisters, they don't get to see each other very often.

This is a much more accurate picture of Mommy, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Amanda. It's what they really look like.

Aunt Amanda gave me these great Legos for one-year-olds. Daddy builds towers out of them for me to knock down. I like that, but I like swimming in the Legos even better. They make such a great sound!

Look at this great singing bug! I got it for Christmas. Thanks for my bug, Doreen!

Here I am with Grandpa. He's reading me a book that his friends gave to him so he could read it to me. Grandpa also made me pancakes for breakfast. I LOVE pancakes! Thanks, Grandpa!

Here I am meeting Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne's dog, Copper. He's so big!

Aunt Corinne is so good at sharing. She's sharing her sunglasses with me.

Mommy and Daddy and I had a special dinner at the Olive Garden while we were on our trip. We had a great time! The waitress put a big glass of water right in front of me just so I could knock it down. No other waitress has been that nice to me before! She also tried to give me my very own dish of marinara sauce to dip my hands in, but Mommy grabbed my hands before I could start dipping. I got to eat pasta, too. Yum! This picture is of the mommies and the babies. First are Paul and his mommy, Sarah, then me with my mommy, and then Isaac with his mommy, Kathy. They have been friends for a long time and worked at something called a summer camp together. Maybe someday I'll get to go to the summer camp where they worked!

Isaac and I are both wondering why we're in here and where we're going.

I love playing with Daddy and my toys!

What is this? We don't have these boingy things at our house. Why not?

Ooooh, this boingy thing is so yummy.

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Anonymous said...

Jonny Man,
Looks like you had a great Christmas! I love all of the cool toys. I didn't get that many toys. I guess I'm too young. Maybe next year! It sure looks like you had fun with all of your family. I know your mommy must have enjoyed it.
We miss you guys!