Caleb's First Birthday

Yesterday, Daddy and I had an adventure together. We went to Caleb's birthday party! Mommy couldn't come, so we had some bonding time. We got to see Caleb's CATS! We also saw Caleb. He's a big boy just like me now.

Some things happened at Caleb's house that I don't think Daddy planned. One was that, while I was exploring, I fell. My tooth cut my lip and made me cry, and while I was crying, my blood from my lip got on Daddy's shirt. The other was that I spilled Daddy's coffee on his shirt. (He made sure that Mommy knew that it wasn't hot enough to burn either of us.) But, don't worry, the stains came out of Daddy's shirt, and my lip doesn't bother me at all.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Caleb!

Caleb, you're getting all of that yucky, sticky frosting all over your hands! Doesn't that bother you?

All that partying wore me out.

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