Playing at Sam's House

Today, Mommy and I had a great adventure. We went to Sam and Katherine's house. Sam has the best toys of anybody I know, and he shared them with me! He is a really big guy to understand how that works. We had a great time.

The only bad thing was that I had another experience with that feeling of "jealousy" that I told you about. When Sam and I were playing, Mommy decided to play with Sam and not me. She was even letting him sit in MY spot in her lap, and she was reading a book to him, and not ME! That made me so jealous that I started to cry. If getting big means having lots of different kinds of feelings, this is going to be hard work.

Anyway, we really did have a fun time together, and here are some pictures of the fun we had. I hope to play with Sam again soon!

Mommy and Aunt Anna say, "Yep, parallel play. This would be a great example for a Human Growth and Development text!" Can anyone understand what they are talking about? Sam and I don't. We are staying busy playing next to each other.

Aunt Anna, you are so funny!

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