Visiting Little Buddies

Yesterday was a great day because I got to see two of my little buddies. In the morning, Jamey and his mom came over to play, and in the afternoon, Mommy and I went for a walk with Ava and her mom. (She is so cute. Now I have to decide whether I'll marry her or Emma Claire...) We all had a great time.

With all the little buddies around, Mommy got out some of my old baby stuff, like my bouncy seat and my Boppy. Do you know what a Boppy is for? Well, I'll tell you.

A Boppy is for hiding your tiny red wagon and then finding it again. It's a hilarious game, especially if you can get someone else to play it with you.

Where did it go?

THERE it is!!!

When I get done with that game, I like to go play with my talking chair.


Graham said...

Jonny Man,
Mommy and I wish you and your mommy could come visit us. We miss you! I like your chair. I'd like to play with it, too.

Jamey and Norah said...


I had no idea about the boppy game. I wonder if my boppy hides things?

Love, Jamey