Ups and Downs

Here I am at Sam's house sharing my favorite trike with him. Playing with Sam is so much fun! I got to try some homemade pizza for the very first time at Sam's house. Aunt Anna makes yummy pizza!

One of my favorite things to do is pull all of my books off of my shelf and then look at them one by one. Here I am looking at my Doggies book from my buddy Graham, and I'm also wearing my new jammies from my big buddy, Sam. Sam picked them out just for me! As you can see, they are big boy pajamas because they don't have any feet in them. Now I can be a big boy just like Sam. Do you think Mommy will forget to make me wear socks? Probably not.

I love my truck more than almost anything, but sometimes when I push it, it gets stuck. I don't know how to turn it around yet, and it makes me so MAD!

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