Emma Claire

I got to see my friend, Emma Claire, two days in a row this week. Isn't that great? We had a great time together. She's pretty cute, huh? If Mommy had warned me that she was coming over, I would have put on something else...like my spaceship pajamas.

Here I am playing with Emma Claire. Mommy said that I did not do a good job sharing. I wasn't trying to be selfish. It's just that, when Emma Claire plays with my toys, I remember how great they are, and then I have to play with them myself.

It's a good thing she wanted the blocks so that I could have the farm all to myself.

Emma Claire loves my footballs. Maybe we can play on the same team someday!

Here we are at her house. She has this great toy that has balls flying out of it. I always try to push the balls back in. It takes a lot of concentration.

Emma Claire's toys are so much fun!

I'm not sure what she was doing here. I couldn't really feel much through my diaper, so it didn't bother me. Our moms were watching us, and for some reason, they couldn't stop laughing.

Caleb likes to do the same thing. Do you know why?

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