Mommy Goofed

If you know my mommy at all, you know that she's really good at following directions. (I hear that she used to even be a teacher and teach kids to follow directions!) Unfortunately, it didn't work so well with this outfit. The tag says "27-32 lbs." on it. I weigh around 22 lbs., and as you can see from this picture, it probably won't fit 5 lbs. from now! Grandma and Grandpa got it for me, and if you read it, I think the tummy says where. I think I'll be wearing it a lot this winter and pretending that it's summertime.

Mommy feels bad because she should have let me wear my outfit sooner. That's OK, Mommy. This way, it shows off my muscles.

Here's a side shot of my muscles in my summertime outfit.

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