Friends and Football

Today, my friend Jamey brought his parents over to our house so that we could watch football together. Unfortunately, our team lost, but Jamey and I both napped during part of the game, so it wasn't too upsetting for us. I think I did a good job sharing my toys with him. I wanted to touch his eyes and nose and mouth, but all Mommy let me touch was his nose. Here we are with our dads, and our moms are taking pictures.

I experienced a new feeling while Jamey was here. It happened when we were playing in the living room and Mommy was saying cute and sweet things to Jamey and not me. I felt sad inside and I had to crawl over to Mommy and make sure she remembered to say cute and sweet things to ME. Remember ME, Mommy?! Mommy said this feeling is called jealousy. I don't like it very much, so maybe from now on, Mommy will remember me.

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