Bathtime and Clueless Mommy

Here's a picture of me playing in the tub to show you how big I'm getting, since I'm almost two. And, this doesn't show in the picture, but I'm getting my two-year molars. Mommy had the idea to feel for them tonight, and since I didn't bite her, she found one on the top right. As you know, Mommy has always been pretty clueless about teeth. So, even though she didn't know it, last week I was sick, sleep deprived, traveling, and cutting a molar. Oh, and my friends here think I grew while I was gone, too. No wonder it was tough!


Emma Claire said...

Hey, I think I'm a member of the clueless mom club too!! It's all a mystery, isn't it?

Grandma H said...

Hey, Jonathan -

Tell your mommy that if she knew everything about mommyhood before you were born, life wouldn't be nearly as interesting. Think of all you have taught her in the last couple of years.

Gma H