Birthday News

You might be wondering what this picture has to do with my birthday. Well, I found out today that Mommy and Daddy are going to take me to the fire station for my birthday! The lady at the station said that they have a special tour for kids my age that takes less than half an hour and is all about the big red trucks. (Half an hour is a long time when you are just turning two.) Hmmm... do you think they'll let me drive?

Mommy and Daddy had planned to have a very small gathering for my birthday this year with just a couple of friends. But, that was before they found out that this would be my last birthday that we'd celebrate here in our town. So, now everyone's invited to drop in at our house after the fire station tour and have some birthday treats on Saturday morning, December 9. I think I'll be more interested in the treats this year than I was last year! And, I think it will be fun to have lots of friends come over.

I don't really know what it means that we are moving away from here, because this is the only place I have ever lived. We are going to live in a town that's close to lots of relatives, and that makes us happy, but we are going to have to leave everyone we love here, and that makes us sad. When I find out more about what it means to live somewhere else, I'll let you know. Until then, I'm going to do as much playing with my little buddies as I can!


Ava said...

I can't wait to celebrate your Birthday with you! We'll have loads of fun!

Jamey and Norah said...

Very, very, very fun and cool! Do you think they'll let us touch the fire truck? I love running my hands along dirty vehicles. Oh, I just can't wait!

Love, Jamey