A Quick Update

I just thought I'd let you know that my daddy is doing fine. He has funny metal things on his head that he doesn't want me to conk, but other than that, he's just fine. I'll share some pictures of two fun things soon: my visit with my little buddy, Nathan, who I met this weekend, and also Spike's birthday party, which Mommy attended without me. She thinks I don't know, but I do, and can't believe she left me behind during my nap! At least I got to see pictures.

We just found out that baby Maddie came this morning! We'll post pictures when we visit her.

Mommy knows a family who lost everything but each other in a house fire this morning. They have a boy who is bigger than me and a girl who is littler than me. We are really thankful that they are all OK, but please pray for them if you think of them in the next few days!

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