Two Years Ago

We're two weeks away from my big number "2" birthday, so that means it's reminiscing time for Mommy. Two years ago, I was two weeks away from being born. Mommy and Daddy (and me in Mommy's tummy) spent Thanksgiving dinner with Uncle Mel, Aunt Jan, Great Grandma (who is in heaven now,) and Margie, who is Aunt Jan's mom. We also visited Sam and his parents and grandparents (there was no baby Katherine yet!) We went downtown to see the ducks at the end of the day. We also helped Great Grandma put up her last Christmas tree at her house. (Actually, I didn't help, I just listened from inside Mommy.)

Lots of things have changed since that Thanksgiving. The biggest change is that I'm here! And, we are really missing Great Grandma. Since we are going to be moving soon, we are really going to miss seeing people we love, like the ones we spent Thanskgiving with two years ago.

Here is a picture of our family at the park downtown just two years ago. I was getting ready to come into the world!

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