Our New House, Maybe

Here are some pictures of the house we think we might live in next. The mommies and daddies (mine and theirs) are trying to work things out. Do you think all of our friends will want to come visit us there? I hope so! Look at these pictures, little buddies, and start talking to your mommies and daddies about a visit. I can tell you all about how to ride on an airplane. (By the way, I'm not including pictures of my possible bedroom because it's pink right now.)

Here's the best part: the backyard. (This picture and the next have white space at the bottom-there's nothing wrong with your computer.)

I plan on running around this backyard! The swingset/fort comes with the house.

Also great for running around: the playroom! (Their toys don't come with the house. I'll get to bring mine with me.)

This might be Mommy's new kitchen.

Here is the front living room as you'd see it from the stairs. Something tells me I won't be allowed to slide down those stairs as often as I'd like. Mommy says she's apprehensive about stairs. That's a big word to say that she won't let me play on them.

And, here's the front of the house.

These are the pictures of the house off of the website where the current family is showing it. We are getting close to being the next family to live there. We hope you'll come see us!

1 comment:

Jamey and Norah said...

I like your maybe-house. And, I'll come visit you! Put me on your calendar for sometime this spring.

One more thing... I was wondering if children are allowed to climb on the fort in your maybe-back-yard? Cause, if climbing is allowed, I just might move in with you. You see, I'm not allowed to climb on much around my house. Something about hurting myself.

See ya tomorrow! Love, Jamey