Here are some of the adventures I had on Tuesday.

In our town, all the kids go downtown in the afternoon dressed in their costumes to get something called candy. It is very fun to hold and crinkle, but I'm not sure what else it is for. Our candy disappeared after we got home. Here is a picture of me with some of my buddies all dressed up to go downtown:

Oliver as a zebra (Oliver is Jamey's cousin,) Jamey as a puppy, Ava as a bee (she is so cute!) me as a tiger, and Spike as Peter Pan.

Here are the mommies: Spike's, Ava's mommy with Ava, mine, and Jamey's. Thanks to Oliver's mommy for taking the picture! Our mommies say they really can't believe that they did this-dressing us up and taking us downtown with the hundreds of other kids.


After dinner, my neighbor and buddy, Delaney, came over to show me her costume. Delaney and I were not interested in posing for a cute picture.

After I went to bed, Sam and his family came over. Even though I was in bed, Sam got to come in to say "good night" to me!

And now, my pumpkins' faces are gone! Mommy says that they are going to be pie. Maybe this year, I'll get to learn about pie.

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