A Note From My Mommy

Hi everyone, this is Jonathan's mom. Just thought you might like an update on the latest news that happened after Jonathan's bedtime.

All three of us were over at Tony and Rochelle's looking at their vacation pictures with some other friends from our small group, and Tony, Jason, and Jeff decided to go the the local football game afterwards. Jonathan and I went home, and after I put him to bed, the phone rang and I got the call from Jason that the three guys had been in a car accident. They were hit by someone who ran a stop sign just a block or two from our home, and everyone is OK. Jeff got the worst of it-he has a good-sized cut on his head (it hit the hook used for hanging clothes inside the car) and had to have 18 staples in his scalp. He's going to be sore for awhile, and I'm sure he'll be anxious for Monday morning when he can get in to the chiropractor! Everyone in our small group pulled together, and Tony stayed at our house with Jonathan so that Rochelle could take me to the ER to be with Jeff. She and Jason stayed with us at the ER, and it was great to have them there. (Jason took some "before" and "after" pictures of Jeff's stapling procedure, but I will probably not share those, as this is a "G" rated blog.) We are thankful that everyone is OK.

On a more positive note, while we were in the ER waiting room, our good friends, Adam and Kari, came to the hospital because Kari is about to have their baby girl! Keep checking back for pictures of her. I'll share as soon as I know anything. We're really excited to meet Maddie (and my aplogies, Kari, if I spelled it wrong!)

On our way out of the ER, we saw yet another family that we know-they were bringing their little girl in. There is just nothing like a small, town, is there? No matter where you go, you see people that you know and love!

That's enough from me! The next post will most likely be a fun one from Jonathan!
-Jonathan's mom


Jamey and Norah said...


My Mommy wants to know if your mommy thinks peanut butter cookies might help your dad to feel better? If so, my Mommy says she'll bring some by on Monday. Maybe I'll see ya then. We'll call before we come.

Love, Jamey

Graham said...

I'm so glad Jeff is okay. Sounds painful!