Moving Adventures, Part 2

Here are some more pictures of our time in between our houses. They start down at the bottom on Jan. 1 and end at the top of this post on Jan. 3. We miss you, everybody!

Goodbye, Sam! I love you, buddy! I'm so glad you're visiting in June!

Here are our two families. It's early in the morning, as you can see by the pajamas in the picture. The mommies are starting to have some tears at this point.

On our last morning together for awhile, Sam and I got to play for a little while. Here we are flying his airplanes.

On our very last night before we moved, Mommy and Daddy went to a special dinner with some of their friends while Sam, Katherine, and I stayed home. (These are Jamey's parents, Emma Claire's parents, and Sam's parents.) Sam's grandma and grandpa took care of us. We had a great time with Mr. Tom and Ms. Gloria.

There were lots of little yellow and gold blocks on the tables at the party. They were great for making towers, and I also liked to make sure that the gold ones and red ones were in separate piles.

Daddy's work gave him a special party on his last day there. Here are Daddy's work friends praying for us before we leave.

Here are Sam and his family. Katherine had her backpack, but mine was on the orange truck traveling to our new house.

Our last three days before moving were with Sam and his family, and we got to do some hiking. Here I am with Mommy and Daddy at our hiking destination. As you can imagine, Mommy didn't enjoy this much because we were up high in the sky. But, at least we were all together!

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