Birthday Party!

Today is my birthday party!

I am most excited about eating train cupcakes. I've been asking for them for days. It will be my first "family party." I can't wait!

With all the traditions that we enjoy this time of year, including my birthday party, we've been thinking of our friends in our old town a lot. They did so many wonderful things for us last year when we needed a lot of support. They came to my birthday party, they helped us get ready to move, they helped Mommy take care of me when she had to be away, they made wonderful scrapbook pages for us, they gave us a heartwarming going-away party, they let us stay with them after our house sold but before we left town, and best of all, they just spent time with us. To all of our faraway friends...we love you and miss you so very much. We have not forgotten you and all the kindness and love you showed to us.

Last year, Mommy and Daddy had planned to have a small, quiet celebration for my second birthday...until they found out we were moving. Then, they decided to have a little open house for all our buddies, big and little. We had a great time just playing! Also, they took me to the fire station so that I could walk around and look at all the trucks. It was amazing. Click here to see all the pictures of my birthday party or here to see the pictures of our visit to the fire station. Be patient...there are lots!

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