Birthday Playgroup

This morning, we had a playgroup for my birthday with my little buddies.  Ella, Jared, Annelies, and Helia were there, along with the babies, Delia, Cora, and Peter.  We can't load pictures on our computer these days, but lucky for me, Ella has already put some pictures of our morning on her blog.  You can see them here.  I loved having my buddies over and decorating car cupcakes-although I mostly ate mine before we decorated it.  Thanks to Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne for lending Mommy the cupcake pan.  I got kind of overwhelmed with all the activity and sharing toward the end of our playgroup.  (Mommy says that's part of being an only child.)  But I'm so glad my buddies came over, and Mommy sure enjoyed the conversations with three of her very first friends here in our new town:  Ms. Amy, Ms. Jen, and Ms. Jetta.  We're both thankful for our wonderful friends.


Abu Sayyaf al-Andalusi said...
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The Growing VM Family said...

Bummer about your pictures not going on the computer. We're excited to see them. Thanks for letting us in on the fun of your little party. I hope you like being 3!

Love, Ella