Our Christmas Tree

We're getting ready for Christmas! We're a little late this year since we were out of town on the Saturday after Thanksgiving-that's when we like to put up our tree.

As you can see, we went with a fake tree this year for the first time. Mommy and Daddy miss the smell of the real tree but not the hassle of bringing it home, putting the lights on, and keeping it watered. Here are Daddy and I "fluffing" our new tree. It's a good thing we don't have any big chairs in our living room, because the tree takes up a lot of space.

Here I am doing what I do best while Mommy and Daddy decorate the tree.

Mommy loves this time of year.

Here is Daddy putting up lights on the outside of our house. Notice that he's not wearing a jacket. It has been cool (but not too cool) and dry here-more so than normal. We're hoping for cold, rainy weather soon! Our house is decorated now, inside and out, and we'll take pictures of that soon. We love getting ready for Christmas!

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