Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy and I went snowshoeing. Mommy got her snowshoes for Mother's Day and Daddy got his from Craig's List. Luckily, I still like to ride in the hiking backpack, so we all got to go together. We're really thankful to be able to drive a couple of hours or less to have some amazing outdoor adventures.

Getting ready to go!

Do you like my hat?  Uncle Garth and Aunt Kathy gave it to me for my birthday.  It kept me very warm!

Mommy thought these snow-cinnamon-rolls were the coolest thing.  Little droplets had fallen off of trees and rolled down the snowdrift causing little avalanche rolls.  She thought that was really neat.  Daddy and I wanted to keep moving forward.

My parents are pretty nice for taking me to the snow. turn to use hiking poles!
One amazing view!

Did I mention that I met a bear at the lodge?

We really enjoyed seeing God's amazing creation!

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