Catching Up on Christmas Pictures-Part 1

My mom and dad have been a little distracted lately. They've been working on lots of paperwork. We've been enjoying a lot of time at home together since Daddy's new job gives him time off of work at Christmastime. (It's a trade-off for no time off during "season," Mommy says.) With all the distraction, we really didn't post any pictures, we go!

Ticklefest with Aunt Corinne and Uncle Todd.  (Did you know that grownups are ticklish, too?)

My new book from Grandma

Aunt Amanda's new towel

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos from Aunt Amanda.  Both Mommy and Aunt Amanda wished for this game when they were little girls, and now their wishes have come true!

Showing Grandpa my new big rig

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