Old Friends

Today, Mommy got to see some special old friends, and I got to play with their kids.  Ms. Gretchen (top) and Mommy met briefly when they were in first grade and then became good friends when they were in junior high.  Ms. Gretchen and Ms. Sarah (left) became good friends in junior high at camp.  Ms. Gretchen introduced Ms. Sarah and Mommy when they were in high school and they became good friends, too.  Mommy says she's getting kind of old to have known friends for that long, but it's a really good thing.  

This picture is of all of our group except for Ms. Gretchen's oldest son, Peter, who went to Costco with his daddy...
Ms. Gretchen, James, Mary Beth, Ms. Sarah, Paul, me, baby Levi, and Mommy.

James shared this amazing train book with me.

Here I am with my good buddy, Paul, playing with trains.

We played while the moms chatted.  Thanks for a great visit, friends!

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