Happy Birthday to Mommy

Today is Mommy's birthday! Daddy and I got up early to cook breakfast for Mommy and give gifts to her. I like sharing birthday times with Mommy, but she didn't share her gifts with me, even though I asked nicely.  I am being Mommy's praying mantis today. I like to pretend to be different animals sometimes.

We are having trouble getting new pictures onto the computer again, so here are some old ones.  This is the birthday cake that Aunt Anna, Uncle Brian, and Sam brought to Mommy in the hospital two days after she had me.

Mommy says her best gift ever was getting to have me in the hospital room with her and Daddy after I had to stay hooked to the machines in the hospital nursery for a couple of days.  Here we are celebrating Mommy's 30th birthday together.  I'll always be able to remember Mommy's age because I'll just add 30 to my age...when I learn how to add.


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!

From your friends in your old town!

Love, James, Karyn, Jamey, and Jack

Caleb & Owen said...

Happy B-Day! Hope you had a wonderful one with family and new friends. We all miss you.

The Boucher Family

Wendy said...

Glad you had a nice Birthday! I think you should celebrate 30 every year!! ;)