I think I might possibly have the best babysitter in the whole world.  On Saturday, she came over to take care of me and put me down for my nap while Mommy and Daddy were out for awhile.

Samantha also brought a surprise for me...cookie dough!  We made cookies and used the train cookie cutters that my buddy, Caleb, gave me for my 2nd birthday.  (I miss you, little buddy!)  Here I am with my train cookies.  Samantha even let me eat a cookie after we baked them.

Mommy and Daddy figure that Samantha is very forgiving.  She also came to take care of me on Mommy's birthday so that Daddy could take Mommy out on a date.  Samantha gave me a wonderful birthday gift, but instead of playing with her, I asked her for some space and didn't want to play with her.  Now I am getting lessons on how to keep from saying things that hurt people's feelings.  Thank goodness, Samantha forgave me.

I hope she comes over again soon!


The Growing VM Family said...

Oh hooray! We've been checking your blog every day for new pictures.

I had a babysitter last night too! She also brought a special treat for me: string and "O-cereal". We made necklaces we that we could eat. Yay for babysitters!

Love, Ella

Caleb & Owen said...

We are so happy you are using your train cookie cutters. Making cookies is so much fun. What a cool babysitter you have.