Smiles by Wire...Again

Hi! This post is from Jonathan's mom. You might remeber, back in November, that we posted a link to Jonathan's pictures on Smiles by Wire. It was a little cryptic because I wanted to keep some of the photos secret from Jeff until Christmas. It worked! Since we're done keeping secrets around here, I thought I'd post the link again and make it a little more accessible. So, if you want to see Jonathan's pictures from JC Penney, click here. Where it says, "customer name," put in my first and last name. You should be able to see all of the pictures we took that day.

I gave a lot of these shots to family members for Christmas. If you didn't get the pose you wanted or the size you wanted, you can order anything you want from this website...but only until February 14. Enjoy!

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natasha said...

Hey my name is Natasha, I am a studio manager at a JC Penny Studio in South Florida.. I was just wondering what city you take Jonathan..? Jw.. I am a digital trainer and the ones with you are great!! I enjoyed watching the slide show! Have a great night..:)