Crib Time

Last January, when we were working on adopting a baby, Mommy washed the crib sheets.  She decided that it was probably time to do it again this week.

It's funny that you have to take the mattress out of the crib to put sheets on it, but since you do, I got to try out the mattress.  I'm too big to get in the crib, you see!

Soon Mommy will be rocking our baby here.  She and I have been doing some reading in the glider, but it takes some creative sitting on my part since her belly takes up so much space.

And soon the baby will be sleeping here.  At least, Mommy and Daddy hope it will be sleeping and not crying!  But they tell me the baby will cry a lot.

Here's that crib when it was mine, soon after I was born in our old house.  You can tell it was after I was born because my name was up on the wall.  Before I was born, nobody knew whether I'd be a Jonathan or a Grace.  Mommy nailed those letters up on the wall while I slept in my crib.  Can you believe it?  I got to have those cute animals painted on my wall, too, but Mommy didn't paint cute animals in our new house.

And here I am sleeping in the crib when I was two months old.  A lot of my hair had already fallen out.  Was I really that small?

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Emma Claire said...

Oh, Amy! That sweet picture of Jonathan makes me a little teary! My how time flies. It also makes me grateful for our healthy kids. We're praying for you guys in the these last few months of pregnancy.