We Heart Canon (from Mommy)

You might recall that our camera started doing this before Thanksgiving.  We figured it was inevitable based on the age of our camera and the number of pictures it had taken.  (And the two times that I had dropped it.)  Jeff and I decided that we'd give each other a new family camera for Christmas.  Jeff found a fabulous deal on a new Canon for us and put it under the Christmas tree.  Our five-year-old, beloved  Canon Powershot A80 quit completely during Jonathan's birthday party.  (Todd and Corinne shared their camera services with us!  Thanks!!!)  We love our new camera.  It's lighter, faster, has more megapixels, and has a bigger display.

For some reason, though, I googled the problem with our old camera and found that some other people were having similar problems.  AND, they had called Canon and gotten free help!  I decided to call Canon, too, and that's why I'm writing this post.

The people at Canon were super helpful.  I talked to two real people without delay who were both knowledgeable and actually addressed my problem.  The second one emailed me a free shipping label so that I could send our camera to Canon and let them take a look at it.  There was a possibility that our problems were due to recalled parts (yes, on a five-year-old camera.)

After I sent our camera to Canon, I got an email asking about my experience with their customer service people and how happy I was.  I was very happy although I didn't know how the camera repair would turn out.

Just a couple of days ago, our camera arrived at our house, fixed completely, and free of charge!!!  All the inner workings are fixed, and the outside is fixed, too.  They replaced the front cover...doesn't it look nice?  And there's something missing.  Do you see what it is?  It's the rubber band that had been holding the top cover on for years.  They replaced the top cover, too.  (The rubber band held on the top that popped off when I dropped the camera.)  I can hardly believe it.

I can't believe the wonderful service we received from Canon at no charge.  I thought that the least I could do in return was let my readers know what a positive experience we've had.  We've been so happy with the quality of pictures our first camera has taken, which is why we chose a Canon for our second camera.  But we had no idea that Canon would bend over backwards to take care of us.  Thank you, Canon!

And, despite the speed and lighter weight of the new camera, there are some things I really love about the old one that I'm thrilled to have back:  It runs on AA batteries instead of a specialty battery.  The controls are manual dials on the outside of the camera.  And, it has this flip-out screen, which is my favorite part.  It makes taking pictures at funny angles or taking self-portraits of the two or three of us.

Yay for great customer service, and thanks again, Canon!

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