The Best New Year's Memories

Mommy and Daddy agree that New Year's of 2002/2003 was their favorite so far.  They spent it at a cabin with Mr. Perry and Ms. Katie, Timmo and JoJo, and Uncle Brian and Aunt Anna.  You may notice that there are no kids in the pictures.  That's because there were no kids born to those grownups yet, although Sam was on the way.  I think it must not have been very fun, but Mommy and Daddy insist that it was and that they want to do something like that weekend again.  All those grownups now have six kids between them with more on the way, which I'm sure would make for a more fun New Year's celebration.

This year, Mommy and Daddy and I celebrated by spending the morning in our pajamas and going to Starbucks.  Yes, in our pajamas.  We also watched the Rose Parade and football, which I'll post about later.  Happy New Year!

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