What a Morning

Our playdate plans didn't work out this morning, so we made our own fun at home...in our pajamas. (This keeps happening more often, doesn't it? I think a playdate in our pajamas would be just perfect...)

Anyway, along with housework like laundry and vacuuming, Mommy and I did a couple of pages in my activity book about 14 and 15.  I have no problem counting, but sometimes I have a hard time naming the symbols that stand for the numbers, especially the teens.  I also don't care about writing them, but we practiced that anyway!  Here I am playing a computer game about 11-20...a special treat that only happens now and then.

Then, the deal was that I could play Legos with Mommy if I put away some other toys.  When the baby comes, we'll only be able to do Legos while the baby sleeps.
Here's a house I built all by myself.  The forklifts that Daddy built like to park on top.  Mommy was pretty impressed by my little house.

Mommy got a little carried away and decided to build a pyramid.  She used almost all the Duplos and Legos that we had left.  I got to help.  Mommies still like to play, although they'll never admit it.

Last but not least, I got to watch three little Sesame Street movies on the computer.  Here's the best one.  Bud Luckey, who also did work for Pixar, is responsible for it.  Pretty  neat.  Enjoy, little buddies!

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