A Quote from Mommy

I'm taking over Jonathan's blog for just a moment because this was too quotable to keep to myself!  Keep in mind that I am officially eight months pregnant today.

We were in the cafe at Ikea and I was standing in line with Jonathan to pay for my Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.  There was a good-natured, grandpa-type behind me who jokingly asked if I needed some extra meatballs for the baby.  Then he said, in his European accent (French?) "You are carrying very high!"

"I still have a couple of months left," I replied.

"OH!!!" he said, obviously surprised.  "I once knew a man who could look at a woman's derriere and tell whether she was having a boy or a girl!"

How, exactly, does one reply to something like that?

I laughed, paid for our meals, and made a quick escape to our table.


Gabriel and Dorothy said...

What a strange encounter, but oh-so-funny.
I worked at City Coffee up until a couple of weeks before I was due. A LOT of my regular customers were shocked to find out that I was leaving because I was pregnant. I guess they never saw my protruding belly beneath the high coffee bar I always stood behind. They probably thought I was just gaining some extra weight :-)

8 months! It's getting so close. I'm very excited for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a little trouble with the math. It's going to be a long haul if you are 8 months pregnant now and have 55 days to go. :-) That comment was very funny, though - can't think of a snappy comeback.