It Has Come to Our Attention...

that our poll about whether the baby is a boy or girl has not worked right.  The votes don't "stick" all the time.  So, we're starting over with a new poll, and we hope you'll jump in and vote over to the left.  Of course, the votes won't change the baby, because I'm already sure that I have a little brother.  But, it's still fun to see what everyone thinks.  Great Grandma and Aunt Amanda think it's a girl.  I think they're wrong.  Mommy and Daddy are just thankful for a baby.  What do you think?


Allison Bellomy said...

I think boy and voted that last time too! :) so exciting!!!

Ava said...

Hi Amy,
I am anxious to chat soon! I'll call this week!
Love & Hugs!