Family Time on the Couch

Mommy has been showing me a lot of pictures of our friends' houses and yards while they're covered with ice.  It's so strange for me to think about what that's like!  I told Mommy last night that having all that ice would mean a snow day and time to play with teeny-tiny Legos, read books, have family time on the couch, and bond.  She was surprised that I figured all that out for myself, but I did!

I think I'd like all those things, especially having Daddy home from work.  We probably wouldn't like losing power and trees, though.  So we are still thinking of our friends and praying for them, and despite losing a lot of trees and having some damage to their homes, it seems that they are safe.  We're very thankful.

We're not having a snow day here, but I bet I can persuade Mommy to do some of those snow-day things.  The trick will be getting Daddy to skip work and join us.

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