The Latest from Mommy

I had my 31-week appointment today, and all is well.  I'm very thankful!  My blood pressure is staying low, and the baby is head-down, which I suspected.  We have just two months before it's time for the baby to come!  We are excited and nervous and thankful for every week that he/she stays inside to "percolate."  I've been trying not to worry about pre-eclampsia with this one, although it is definitely on my mind.  That's what I had with Jonathan, but it didn't show up until two days before his due date, and he and I were fine.

My apologies to you if I owe you an email.  Our internet access has been sporadic at best for the past two weeks, but I'll work on catching up.

And, as for the refrigerator...we (finally) had a repairman out today.  I'll spare my kind readers the details, but it looks like it can be repaired, either here at our house or at the shop.  On Wednesday, we'll have a working refrigerator:  either ours or a loaner from the shop.  We are very anxious to have cold food and to be able to plan meals again!

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