What We've Been Up To

Last night, Mommy and Daddy had something grown-up to do, so I got to go to Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne's house.  I had a great time playing with them and with Uncle Todd's Hot Wheels.  We also played a card game together.  Aunts and Uncles give me a lot more attention than parents do!  I visited with Copper and Kitty, their dogs.  I gave some of my celery to Copper at dinnertime, and I learned that I shouldn't do it again.  I also learned that I can't bonk Kitty very hard.  Maybe if my parents would get me a dog, I could learn important lessons like that sooner.

Today, Mommy and I went to Ikea with Aunt Amanda.  After all the walking around and looking at everything, we were surprised to find that the big shelf we wanted was not in stock.  Mommy was not amused and is not in the mood for another trip to Ikea when the shelf comes in.  Thank goodness we got to spend time with Aunt Amanda and get treats at Starbucks, so the day wasn't a complete loss.

After we got home, we decided to relax by putting on our swimsuits and taking a swim in the tub.  All the time with family and all the swimming made me really tired and ready for bed.  Who knows what adventures tomorrow holds!

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