Back in town!

In case I forgot to tell you, Mommy and I are really happy that Daddy is back here with us and not in New York anymore. Life is much better when we're all together. And in case you wondered, Daddy loves our new living room, and he did know about Mommy's plan to paint it before he left. So, everybody's happy!

Daddy also came back with souvenirs for me...

He brought me this great shirt with a taxi on it. I love my taxi shirt! I love it so much that I got to wear it after my bath and all night long!

Here's the back of my taxi shirt. It tells how much it costs to ride in a taxi.

He also brought me this taxi to play with. I can almost say the word "taxi" myself! The best I can do right now is "kiki," but I'll keep working on it.

I'm really glad my dad is back!

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