A Place Called Canada

We have had some chilly mornings lately, so I have been able to wear my new sweatshirt from Mommy's longtime friend, Michele. (She's Olivier's mom.) Mommy thought for sure I'd be three years old before I wore something this big, but as you can see, she didn't estimate very well. I love my red sweatshirt! It's from a place called Canada, where Michele grew up. Do you think my mom and dad will take me there someday?

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Jamey and Norah said...


I think I might like to go to Canada some day, too. Do you think maybe we should plan a road trip? My Dad says that's what college guys do for fun: take road trips. Maybe we should wait until college before we go to Canada. When I'm 20, I don't think I'll miss my Mommy quite as much when I'm away from her.

I missed seeing you this morning. Mommy is getting the hang of things, so we'll see you Thursday!

Love, Jamey