Excitement at Our House!

There is a lot going on at our house these days! It's keeping Mommy and Daddy hopping! The first thing is that Uncle Jake and Aunt Laura are in town. They are really Maximus' aunt and uncle, but I think that they were mine first. They might stay with us soon, and that would make me happy.

The second thing is that some of Mommy's college friends and their little girl stayed with us on Friday night. Kailyn is my new buddy. She is two months younger than me, but she's about my size. I bet her mom and dad are so proud of her for doing a good job growing!

The third thing is that my buddy, Sam, and his sister and mom and dad came over to join all of us for dinner. Then we all went to Maximus' house to see lots of friends!

Okay, here's the last thing, and it's exciting, too: My great-grandma and great-grandpa Don are coming to visit tomorrow. They are going to drive a huge truck called an RV. I can hardly wait! Here are some pictures of the excitement so far.

Here's my new buddy, Kailyn, with her mommy and daddy. Their names are Kristin and Nolan. Ms. Kristin lived in the same room with Aunt Anna during college before there were any daddies or babies. Sounds boring to me!

Here I am with Kailyn. You might notice that I am letting her sit in my chair, play with my blocks, and hold my ball, all at the same time. I am a good sharer, and I am trying to convince Mommy not to make me take those sharing lessons she's been talking about.

Here I am again with Kailyn. I am letting her hold my special white bear. Notice all this sharing, Mommy?

Here are Kailyn and Katherine meeting each other for the first time. Kailyn likes eyes just like I do! Kailyn is going to have a new baby sister in July.

Here is a picture of Maximus' mommy and Aunt Laura with Katherine. This was Katherine's first time to meet Aunt Laura!

Here I am with my aunt Anna. She knows just how to keep a little guy happy-probably because she is the mom for my buddy, Sam.

Here I am with my aunt Laura. She knows just how to keep a little guy happy, too-maybe because she has me.

Even with all the excitement, I still managed to fit in some bonding time with a blanket.


Jamey and Norah said...

Wow, Jonathan! I thought we have had a lot of company in the past... But, I think you might have even more company than we have ever had at one time.

See you Tuesday! Love, Jamey

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jonathan - I'm coming pretty soon, too, and bringing your Great-uncle Dave with me. We can't wait to see you!

Love, Grandma H