Friends and Family

Since I haven't been on the blog for awhile, you probably know that we've been very busy with our special visitors. Here are some pictures and an update on all the fun we've been having!

They finally made it! This is my great grandma, my great grandpa Don, and of course me with Mommy and Daddy. We were so happy that they came to visit us.

Here is my great grandma watching me get dressed. Did you know that there are three people in the world named great grandma? I'm glad there are so many of them.

Here is the big truck that I was telling you about. It lived in our driveway, so I got a good look at it!

Here are the family and friends who were at our house for dinner on Monday night. They all wanted to sit together at our little table. As you can see, it was very cozy!

After I went to bed, Sam and Uncle Brian played in my crawl tube. Lots of good stuff happens after I go to bed!

I had some great bench time with my aunt Laura.

I got my uncle Jake to read my truck book to me!

Here I am giving Aunt Anna a "conk," formerly known as the Head Butt of Love.

Here's Mommy with some of her dear friends: Cherissa, Anna, and Laura. They took a big road trip with another dear friend, Sarah, while I was still inside Mommy, and Katherine and Maximus were not around yet. Mommy's friends don't all get to see each other very often and have to make up on all the talking they've missed each time they see each other. Sam, Katherine, Maximus, and I made sure that they didn't spend all their time talking to each other but spent some time paying attention to us, too.

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