Like Father, Like Son

Daddy and I are both sick. I'm not sure how Daddy caught my cold, because Mommy got all the sneezing in the face from me, but he did! We think that Mommy will probably get sick next. Daddy is sneezing as much as possible so that we can share our cold with Mommy. Mommy says that if I have a runny nose tomorrow, I don't get to go to church to see Ms. Cheryl and play with the kids. Sad!

Daddy likes to lay around when he is sick, but I don't. I just like to climb up and down and up and down. As you can see, I'm sucking the fingers on my right hand and feeling my neck with my left hand to help myself cope with how I feel.

Even though Daddy and I feel yucky, we still manage to make each other smile!

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