Fun Times!

We are having trouble with our pictures, so since I can't show you what I've been doing, I'll tell you!

Last night, I got to meet my little buddy Meredith for the very first time. (You can learn about her on her blog.) I only got to meet her for a minute, though, because it was way past my bedtime, and Mommy gets cranky when it's after my bedtime. Sorry I couldn't play for longer, Meredith!

This morning, Maximus and I took our moms to some garage sales to look for things for us. We wanted toys, and they bought clothes. Silly mommies! We had fun anyway. After that, I got to go to a birthday party with some big kids! My friends, Victoria and Christine, invited me to their party, and I got to run around the park with lots of older kids. I loved it, even though Mommy made me wear my sun hat the whole time. And tonight, Mommy and I ran around outside before bedtime. I got really dirty. All in all, it was a great day!

Somthing else is going on here that Mommy thinks I don't know about. She is painting the living room while I'm sleeping. Our friends, Mr. Gabe and Ms. Dorothy, came over tonight to help. I heard them playing with my toys, too!

Tomorrow after church, I'm going to see my buddy, Sam. I can hardly wait. If you want to see some amazing pictures of him with baby Katherine, you can click here. Maximus' mom took the pictures. Mommy says that Maximus' mom is very talented!

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