Seventeen Months and Sam

I am seventeen months old today! I am almost 1 1/2. Yahoo! I still have just ten teeth, but I can climb up onto the couch all by myself now. To celebrate my month-birthday, I thought I'd show you some pictures of something else that's seventeen months old: my friendship with my big buddy, Sam.

Here we are wearing our matching outfits . (Our moms are so silly.) In some of these pictures, I look as big as him, but Mommy says that's because of perspective. She means that I was close to the camera, and Sam was far, so that made me look big. Anyway, I am not as big as Sam, but I love playing at his house!

Sam has trains!

Sam lets me play with his trains. Sometimes his mom helps him remember to share with me.

Sam even knows how to build train tracks!

The "conk" means, "I love you, Sam!"

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