I'm Back!

If you've been checking my blog lately, there has not been much to see! That's partly because we have been so busy and partly because our internet has not been working. As you can imagine, that has made Mommy cranky. If it keeps working long enough to post this message, I have some news for you! (No pictures though, because the internet is not working well enough for pictures.)

I have been busy learning new things! Today, I pulled a kitchen chair over to my booster seat and used it to try to climb into my booster seat. After I got into the chair but before I got into the booster seat, I fell down onto the kitchen floor. Now I have a big purple bruise on my forehead. It matches my skinned knees that I got in the parking lot when I was visiting my great grandma.

Some other things happened today: I got tooth #11, and I learned to sign "eat." Mommy and Daddy are teaching me some new signs in addition to "more" and "all done." I can also sign "please."

I am learning my animal sounds, too. If you ask me what they say, I can tell you the sounds of a horse, cow, and sheep (and of course trucks and tractors.)

I'll try to show you some more pictures as soon as the internet is working and Mommy is not so cranky. My grandma visited this weekend, and I'll show you what we did!

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