Oklahoma City

This weekend, my mom and dad and I went on a long trip to Oklahoma City so that Daddy could run the half-marathon. Daddy likes to run, and I hope that someday he'll let me catch up with him.

We stayed with our friends Lou and Lionel, who knew Daddy before he was born. (How does that work, exactly?) They spoiled me, and I loved it.

I made our trip memorable with one of my famous diaper blowouts. I save them for special road-tripping occasions, and since I hadn't had one since August, I decided that this was a great opportunity.

Blogger has not been working lately, so I have lots of pictures to show you that I can't get onto the blog. It's making Mommy grouchy. Here's one picture I got to work. It's of Daddy and me exploring Lou and Lionel's yard. I'll try to get the other pictures to work soon!

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Graham said...

Tell your daddy congratulations on running the half marathon.
My mommy's had some trouble putting pictures on the Blogger, too. It makes her grouchy, too.