Aunt Corinne and the Henneh

While I was on my big trip, Aunt Corinne invited me over to her parents' house to ride her horses. Horses say "neigh," and I can even say the word "horses," like this: HENNEH!

Here I am meeting one of her horses for the second time. The first time was at Aunt Corinne and Uncle Todd's wedding.

We fed a carrot to Aunt Corinne's horse, and his crunching was really LOUD!

Here I am taking a ride!

Aunt Corinne held onto me and taught me to hold onto the saddle. Her mommy, Ms. Emily, showed the horse where to walk.

I had so much fun riding the horse. I wanted to ride more and more!

After we were done with the horses, Aunt Corinne let me drive! I'm not sure which I liked better. Thanks for all the fun, Aunt Corinne!

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Jamey and Norah said...

Wow! You sure did a lot of driving on your trip. You'll have to take me for a ride sometime.

Will I see you tomorrow? I sure hope so.

Love, Jamey